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      AFS series of efficient grinder
      AFS series of efficient grinder

      AFS series of efficient grinder
      V efficient mixer is an international generally used powder and is a granular material mixing machine. It has such characteristics as simple structure, easy to operate, convenient to maintain or clean, fast speed, good mixing effect, etc and widely used in: magnetic material, powder metallurgy, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronics, ceramics and other industries, which is an ideal mixing equipment.
      Working principle
      The inner wall of crushing chamber of AFS serial efficient crusher is equipped with a fixed disk having steel strip, the main shaft is mounted with hammer type gear disks that are mutually staggered. When the spindle rotate at a high speed, the hammer type gear disk shall operate at the same time, the material shall be throw into the clearance between hammer head, making materials crushed by impact, friction, impact between the pieces and other combined actions. The structure of this machine is simple, solid, stable running, good effect for crushing and the crushed materials can be discharged directly through the grinding cavity, degree of the particle size can be obtained by changing different aperture of mesh, the finished fine materials of the product can also be sucked automatically into a collection bag through the crushing chamber by sieving, the coarse material shall automatically stay in the crushing chamber for crush.
      AFS serial efficient crusher is widely used in electronics, ceramics, medicine, chemical industry, coating, non-metallic mineral, agricultural chemicals, food, grain and other powder industries, etc.
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