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      AXT series of stirring ball mill
      AXT series of stirring ball mill


      AXT series of stirring ball mill
      AXT type stirring mill is also called the stirring ball mill, which has a good crushing effect and is simple operated, time saving, energy saving, with ball grinding fineness of material less than 1 um, adapting to all kinds of material for ultrafine crushing.
      Material could be directly added to the jacketed grinding cylinder while no need for premixing, other ingredients that only need slightly grinding in the recipe can be added to the cylinder at a later time.
      Adopting electric or pneumatic diaphragm pump and characterized by low pressure, the large flow could continuously material absorb in the process of mixing, promoting the slurry to cycle and accelerating the ball mill grinding to get more uniformed particle size distribution. At the same time, the diaphragm pump also can be used for unloading.
      Adopting gear reducer and motor belt transmission makes the drive being in a soft connection, avoids starting the cycloidal pin wheel speed reducer and motor directly, which greatly reduce the noise and ensure smooth running of the machine.
      According to the requirements of various industries, these could be used when contacting with the materials: polyurethane, stainless steel, manganese steel, zirconium oxide, ceramic (aluminium oxide), edible grade rubber and other materials.
      The application fields of the stirring mill: chemical mineral, chemical gold extraction industry, metal powder, rare earth materials, coating paint, printing ink, hard alloy, refractory materials, non-metallic minerals, ceramic powder and magnetic materials.
      Technical parameters
      Type AXT-30 AXT-70 AXT-100 AXT-200 AXT-500 AXT-600 AXT-1000 AXT-1360
      Ball mill barrel volume (L) 30 70 100 200 500 600 1000 1360
      Ball mill medium quality(L) 15 35 50 100 250 300 500 680
      standard treatment(L) 15 35 50 100 250 300 500 680
      driving power (KW) 3 5.5 7.5 11 22 22 34 42
      boundary dimension
      1.2x0.8x1.23 1.5x0.9x1.6 1.6x1x1.7 1.9x1.1x2 2.2x1.3x2.5 2.3x1.4x2.5 2.5x1.7x2.8 2.7x1.8x1.3
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