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      Address: 19 Wanshou Rd, Qianzhou Industrial Park, Huishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu
      Tel: 0510-83391686、83396676
      Fax: 0510-83386787
      Contacts: Zhu Zhiming 13961810087
      Contacts: Zhu Yihao 18261567975
      Contacts: Yang Xifeng 13861470120
      E-mail: mhftjx@126.com
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      V-shaped efficient batch mixer
      V-shaped efficient batch mixer

      V-shaped efficient batch mixer
      V efficient mixer is an international generally used powder and is a granular material mixing machine. It has such characteristics as simple structure, easy to operate, convenient to maintain or clean, fast speed, good mixing effect, etc and widely used in: magnetic material, powder metallurgy, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronics, ceramics and other industries, which is an ideal mixing equipment.
      Working principle
      This equipment absorbs the advantages of similar products abroad for design, utilizing two cylinders of the mixer unequal in length and the journey is asymmetric, the materials shall be from decomposition to combination and from combination to decompose as the mixer rolled, due to different material plane and a transverse force exists, the material shall be pushed for a lateral communication. For each rolling turn, the transverse force shall push about 25% of the material to flow from a bucket to another bucket. The combination of material horizontal and radial, decomposition and combination shall make the material reach very uniform mixing effect.
      Free from mechanical extrusion and strong wearing, the material particles can be maintained integrity. The internal and external of the barrels is polished and designed into a smooth transition with no dead Angle, which could avoid cross-contamination. Discharging outlet is mounted with butterfly valve which making discharging become more convenient.
      The machine can also be installed with a forced stirring device, material humidifying system and gas protection device according to the customer’s demand.
      Working data
      Type maximum load capacity(L diameter (mm) powerkw power of stirringkw
      V-20 10 200 0.37 0.37
      V-30 15 250 0.37 0.37
      V-50 25 350 0.55 0.37
      V-70 35 400 0.75 0.37
      V-100 50 500 1.5 0.37
      V-200 100 550 2.2 0.55
      V-500 250 600 3 0.75
      V-1000 500 650 5.5 1.1
      V-1500 750 850 7.5 1.5
      V-2000 1000 1000 11 2.2
      V-3000 1500 1200 15 3
      V-5000 2500 1350 22 5.5
      V-10000 5000 1750 37 11
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